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octet by Jeonghyeon Joo

premiered in April 2023

stone. cloud. by Adam Zuckerman
premiered with the Black House Collective, March 2023

BENDS by Ulrich Krieger, percussion and haegeum

performed with Jeonghyeon Joo at BENXT Festival, November 2022

SSUL-EO! by Jeonghyeon Joo

performed with Jeonghyeon Joo, M A Harms, Eliot Burk, BENXT Festival, November 2022

Child's Play by Amy Williams, soprano saxophone and percussion

performed with Dan Phipps at New Music on the Point, June 2022

Crippled Symmetry by Morton Feldman 

performed with Eliot Burk and Shahid Osuna, March 2022

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