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the steel dreams of exhaling (2024)

for amplified vibraphone


the primeval touch found me (2023)

for solo snare drum and electronics

premiered at Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2023

a matter of attention (2023)

for amplified cymbal


Detection (2023)

for amplified bassoon

commissioned by Lauren Martin


the place you left me standing (2023)

for solo polyphonic instrument

commissioned by Victor Sintchak

Proximity (2020-22)

for solo hand drum

when the world was small (2022)

for solo vibraphone

Absence (2021)

for solo piano


to follow the shards as they fall (2024)

for large ensemble


INERTIA (2023)

for string quartet

the Pacific turned glossy (2022)

for haegeum and percussion

dedicated to Jeonghyeon Joo

SARCO (2019)

for flute, violin, trumpet, and contrabass

Threshold (2018)

for piano and 2 violins


Fragments (after Sappho)

collaboration with Justin Dela Cruz

spoken text, live electronics



collaboration with Daniel Newman-Lessler

amplified/processed megaphones, microphones, mini-amps, feedback


i am no longer afraid to run (2023)

collaboration with M A Harms

percussion, tape, video

premiered at the Tapetail Sound Series at Automata Arts, Los Angeles, CA


the beat my heart skipped (2024)

live electronics


the laughter that made us tomorrow (2023)

live electronics



from the perspective of two (2023)

video and sound installation

feat. text by Justin Dela Cruz

premiered at the WaveCave, California Institute of the Arts


chorus for one (2023)

for microphones, mini-amps, and feedback

premiered at soundpedro2023, San Pedro, CA

glitch/fractla, Wong Foo Jeng (2024)
solo percussion and electronics
we bound our skin and suspended the frame, Jack Herscowitz (2023)
solo percussion and electronics
en el bolsillo donde llevo mis amores, María Alejandra Bulla (2023)
solo vibraphone
Being Alone, Kevin Good (2023)
solo percussion
artist talk, Jeonghyeon Joo (2023)
solo percussion, tape, video
Love, Kevin Good (2023)
solo percussion
some sort of strangulation, Jack Herscowitz (2022)
solo acoustic tabletop guitar
ennui, Eric Lennartson (2022)
solo percussion and electronics
A Marimba Solo, M A Harms (2022)
solo marimba
How to Fold a Paper Crane, Mason Moy (2021)
solo bass drum
full repertoire list available upon request
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